I’m Olga Kryvosheieva, was born on February 11, 1992 in the city of Krivoy Rog in Ukraine.

After leaving school in 2009 I entered the Kiev National University of Krivoy Rog Economic Institute named by Vadim Hetman specializing in economic cybernetics. I took an active part in the creative life of the university, was the head of the faculty. After two years of study, I transferred to the correspondence form, entered the Kharkiv National University of Arts named by Kotlyarevsky on the course of Sadovskyi Leonid "Maysternya 55" (2011). I graduated with honors from the University (2016) and received Master's degree in Theater Arts. During studies I took an active part in course performances and directing works. From 2012 to the present I’m a regular participant in international festivals, projects, trainings and refresher courses.

Since 2016 I studied at Kharkiv National University of Arts as a trainee assistant in the specialty - performing arts.

Since 2016 - invited to be a teacher of acting at Kharkiv National University of Arts.

Since 2017 I have been serving at the Kharkov Academic Russian Drama Theater. I participate in the following performances: A. P. Chekhov "Seagull", the role of Masha, directed by Olga Turutya; Thornton Wilder "Our Town", the role of Rebecca, directed by Olga Turutya; M. Bulgakov on the play "Last Days" - "Pushkin.The Tribe", the role of Natalia Goncharova, directed by O. Seredin and other

Since 2017 I enrolled in an assistantship and graduated in 2019

Since 2019 I am a postgraduate student. Now I am a 3st year student at the Zaporozhye National University. The topic of my dissertation is "Organizational and pedagogical conditions for the use of game training in the professional training of a future actor"

Bulk methodical work:

1. 6, March 7, 2017 – participated in a two-day master's in physical theater and pantomime from graduates of the London Academy of Theater Arts (LISPA) Svetlana Bibi and Chema Perez.

2. "Active Imagination" in Acting Training / Olga Krvvosheieva // Social and Humanitarian Bulletin: Collection of Scientific Papers. No. 16. - Kh.: Society "Science and Knowledge", 2017. - P. 33-37.

3. Training in the field of professional activity of the future actor. III Scientific and Methodological Seminar “Methodological and Practical Problems of the Professional Activity of Actors and Designers” (ZNU Educational Building № 8, room 207), Zaporizhzhya, 2018.

4. The Art of Dynamic Listening in Actor Training. Scientific Conference "Actual Problems of Music and Theater Arts", Kharkov, 2018.

5. Using play submission in a proven training in the future actor. Scientific and Practical Conference "Music and Theater in Contemporary Scientific Discourse", Kharkiv, 2019.

6. The principle of participation in the international representation of this forum with the theme: "International projects used for work are used for intercultural communication". The goal is to test the organization that most often organizes future actors for intercultural communication in the context of cultural dialogue, as a result of creating a joint performance. Kharkiv, March 22, 2019

7. Participation in the All-Ukrainian scientific and practical theatrical method-festival "TEA * METHOD * FEST * 19". (May 24, 25, 2019, M. Kyiv). Conducting a master class (training with acting skills, access to conferences with a report on the method of choice in "Maysternya 55" Sadovskyi Leonid).

8. Advanced training: 4-hour training "Professional brand of the teacher" was held at the Center for Innovative Learning and Teaching, Kyiv, May 23, 2019.

9. Upgrading: International Summer Theater School (June 20-30, 2019, Georgia, Shekvitili). The Summer School program teaches trainings and master classes in acting, as well as training programs in contemporary theater.

10. Participated in an international educational forum on the topic: "International projects as a means of professional preparation of students for intercultural communication". The purpose of the presentation is to organize the professional preparation of future actors for intercultural communication in the context of dialogue between cultures, as a result of creating a joint performance. Kharkiv, March 22, 2019



May 30 - June 2, participated in the second stage of the Ukrainian - German competition for project pitching in Berlin. (Obtaining a grant for the Ukrainian-German exchange between students of Kotlyarevsky KNUA and students from Hamburg).


June 01-29 - has undergone professional training (advanced training) under the program of the Summer Theater School of the Russian Federation UTF. Received a diploma, certificate of the participant.

March 6, 7 - participated in a two-day masterclass on physical theater and pantomime from graduates of the London Academy of Theater Arts (LISPA) Svetlana Bibi and Chema Perez.


September - participated in the "First International Ukrainian-German Festival" with performances "Neverending Forest Songs" and "House".

April - participated in the cultural exchange and tour of the «Maysternya 55» with performances of The Seagull" by A. P. Chekhov and "The Seagull by Jonathan Livingstone" by R. Bach. (Berlin); conducted acting trainings at a German school for children in grades 5-6. (Germany, Berlin, Nuremberg).


September - master class - "Documentary Theater", by British director Tommy Lexen;

September - master class of the actress of the pantomime genre, the participant of the performance "Snow show of Glory of Polunin" by Svetlana Biba.

July-August - joint Ukrainian-German project-musical with the Youth Theater "Wheels" - "Home" (Ukraine (Kharkiv), Germany (Berlin), Poland (Goleniow)).


 November-December, participated in the cultural exchange, in the project entitled "Right to Speak", with the support of the Wheels Theater. (Germany, Berlin)


July, participated in the Polish festival "Kurbalesia" (Ukraine, Kharkiv);

August, participated in the International Summer Theater Academy in Goleniow (Poland) on the basis of the Brama Theater.

November, participated in the XI International Directing Workshops, Moscow, Theater Institute. B. Shchukin. Grand Prix at this festival. The award is the best female role.

I received a certificate of passing short-term advanced training courses at the XI International Inter-University Conference on Problems of Training at the Directing Faculties of Theater Universities and the International Conference on the Problems of Plastic Education of an Actor. Shchukin Theater Institute.


 Participated in the International Summer Academy at the Brama Theater. (Poland).