Project Description

Every perspective about theatre and every perception of it is relevant. Therefore, for every performance there will be at least two people writing about it from different perspectives.

WHAT does ‚perspective‘ mean?
Many factors lead to the perception of a theatre evening: From which seat did I watch the performance? What knowledge did I have about the play or the initiators before I watched it? Do I even know someone who is performing? How much did I pay?
There is no need to hide these facts but rather they should be highlighted.
Besides that, every writer is free to add information about him- or herself: age, sex, educational backround etc.
This introduction is followed by an analysis of what this person percieved that evening in the theatre.

THE AIM is to describe rather than to judge but nevertheless, highlight the fact that criticism is subjective and everybody is biased. This way an outsider can put into place what is written.
In order to do so we specifically ask people of all kinds: young, old, youngsters, theater educators, authors, doorwomen and doormen, poetry slam artists, students of Performance/Theater Science/ Directing/Acting, etc. to watch a performance and write about it.

In this way the main group is made up of students from Hamburg studying Theatre Directing and Performance Studies.





genre: online blog for theatre reviews

time: 03/06/2019 - 17/06/2019


Photos: Krafft Angerer

Authors: Lisa Wagner, Konstantin Buchholz, Theurer, L. Schaedler, Gregory Popov, P. Marwitz, Nágila Analy, Gudrun B., Yesim, AK, Alessandra, Grosch, I. Mirsky, Anne H, Birte, F Jakobi

initiated by theatreensemble WHEELS and made possible by design buro Formlos and supported by Thalia Theteater Hamburg.