Actress. Performer. Singer. Teacher of drama. Workshop leader.

2021-present National University of Zaporizhzhja, PhD in theatre pedagogy2011-2014 Kharkiv National University of Arts. Assistancy-training. Pedagogue of drama.
2004 – 2009 Kharkiv National University of Arts. Actress. M.A.
2004 – 2010 Kharkiv National Academy of Municipal Economy. Project manager. M.A.

Work Experience
2017 - 2022 Pushkin Kharkiv academic Russian drama Theatre. Actress
2010- 2022 Kharkiv National University of Arts. Teacher of drama.
2014 – 2018 Acting school TESTO. Theatre school for everybody. Creator. Workshop leader. Director.
2012 –2014 Kharkiv theatre “Green magic”. Actress
2010-2011 Kharkiv School of Arts. Teacher of drama
2008-2010 Kharkiv Children Theatre “Kalambur”. Teacher of acting
2008-2010 Kharkiv theatre “Post Scriptum”. Actress.
2007 – 2012 Art-centre Aparte, Theatre. Actress. Workshop leader.

As a teacher of drama specializes in training through game methods. Engaged in scientific activity - develops new training course for students of drama faculty.

Constantly improve the skill level as actress and teacher: attends various seminars, festivals,
trainings, participates in international projects and performances:

September-December Room after Tomorrow Project for artists
Project manager,
workshop leader
August-September Summer Theater Academy, Poland, Strzelevo
Project manager,
workshop leader, director
Erasmus + K2 project “Social Acting” Poland,
Golenow, Speaker
Immersive Performance “Stasija Swjadek”.
Poland, Goleniow, Director, participant
BRAMAT International Festival. Poland,
Goleniow, Participant
2021 5-8 July.
Performance and Physical Theater Training
lead by I. Falkova , 72 hours As part of the
international project "Culture Bridges".
(Kharkiv, Ukraine)
Project manager,
2021, July Actor training on the Meisner system, 20
hours lead by Lana Biba (London, England)
Project manager,
2020, October BODYCATION - Body in dialogue. Online
International Cinema Performance. Participant
2020 October - December
Beccaria Diaries - Ukrainian-German Video
blog about freedom of travel.
Organizer, workshop
leader, project participant.
September 2019
Psychogeographic. (Ukraine-Germany),
Kharkiv, Project manager
2019 March NAKT-Interfest. Part 2. Kharkiv.
(Ukraine-Germany), Performance "Місце
Project manager ,
workshop leader. Director
2018 December
NAKT-Interfest. Part 1. Hamburg.
(Ukraine-Germany), Hamburg,
Project manager ,
workshop leader. Director
2018 January
“Winter Theatre School” by acting school
TESTO, Izki, Ukraine
led workshops,
coordinator of project
2017 December
performance “Tili-Tili-Testo” with students of
acting school TESTO based on Brecht play
"Wedding", Kharkiv Director
2017 July
Circo del Mondo International Theater
exchange and
Project manager ,
workshop leader. Actress
2017 Аpril
performance “the TIME” with students of
acting school TESTO, Kharkiv Director
2016 October-November
Ukrainian-German festival "Theater Bridge"
Berlin-Kharkiv organizator
2016 September-October
International theatrical performance
"Neverending forest songs"
(Ukraine-Germany), Kharkiv, Actress, project manager
2016 September
Crossover Academy, Berlin, Germany led workshops
2016 August
“Summer Theatre School” by acting school
TESTO, Bukovel, Ukraine
led workshops,
coordinator of project
2016 July
European Theatre Academy, Avignon, France Resident
2016 April
VII theater youth festival "Laknenia"
Goleniow, Poland jury

Skills, and interests
● Good working knowledge of English
● Basic French
● Contact Improvisation
● Playing guitar
● Singing