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On this page we normally have our calender telling you what happened this year and what's coming up. So:

In January we played Sommerloch Súrprise in Hamburg and Trier

Also there was the premiere of Herkules in Forum, Hamburg, directed by Lisa Wagner and in January the Premire of A lea Iacta Fatal at Junges Theater Hamburg directed by Konstantin Buchholz

Due to the current sitation we will not be able to produce our Salt&Wheels performance in Pushkin Theater in September.

Therefore we applied for a personal gatherin via MeetUp! in Berlin Kreuzberg hopefully still happening in September2020

Also you can find all of our amazing short movies we did with 40 artists from 5 different countries in 2 different cities on Vimeo, as well as our favourite performances from the last years -we will upload one every week.

Let's keep in touch as we always did.